US Patent No.6,154,885
              EU Patent No.99917119.2
              Australian Patent No.3535299
              Chinese Patent No.99800952.0

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The FIT39 glove, free-size glove is a revolutionary advance in technology, changing the whole concept of sports gloves. The FIT39 is designed to fit almost any hands by employing a special multi-directional stretch material, and seams made using a new system. The FIT39 glove is suitable for wide range of sports activities, including golf, tennis, basketball, fishing, marine sports, etc. as well as for driving.
Multi-stretchable materials are being used.
Absorbs perspiration and dries quickly, preventing hands from damping.
Synthetic leather is being used.
Employing non-slip off new cutting system.
Practically waterproof, as we as being non-slip.
Does not fade, and therefore is washable Durable and long lasting.
Cotton-coated elastic soft bands are being used so you will never bother skin irritation.
Deodorizing and antibacterial coating done.

Size: 4 Type

SS =
Junior's 15cm 〜 17cm (for left and right hands)
S =
lady's 18cm 〜 20cm (for left and right hands)
M =
man's 21cm 〜 23cm (for left and right hands)
L =
Men's 24cm 〜 26cm (for left and right hands)

  Available for competition prize, gift, and memento.
Name embroidering available.
Exclusive seller: MIC
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Wolrd wide patented "FIT39Glove"
The most popular revlutionary free size glove
"FIT39 Perfect Leather Glove"
It made of real Ethiopian AAA lether to enhance the grip.
"FIT39 Safari Series"
New pattern of FIT39. Leopard, Zebra, and camouflage.
Do you have nail arts? "Nail"
You will not bother your nail arts anymore when playing golf.
"FIT39 Heart"
It is classic that cute heart is printed on the fabric.
"FIT39 Nail Heart"
You will not bother your nail arts anymore when playing golf.
"FIT39 Hot"
This is the glove for winter or cold weather with Japanese technologies.
For Hottest day Golf!"FIT39 Cool"
Change glove's definition! Superb stretch glove using UV cut mesh to evaporate sweat in summer.
Cost performance! "MIC and MAX"
High quality and value golf glove.

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